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Holiday Gift Guide By Jimmo

Gift giving is a very old tradition. It is probably much older than we think. It might have started with the first offerings to the gods. Throughout the ages gift giving was practiced in many cultures and often involved complex symbolism. It was practiced in archaic societies where gift giving was a matter of honor and morality and a way to forge relationships with strangers. To give a gift was a sign of generosity and called for respect of the giver. The recipient of a gift would show his respect to the giver by accepting the gift and was given a chance to reciprocate and prove his own generosity.

The gift giving tradition today is just as vivid, if not more so, as it was in the long forgotten past. There are many occasions for gift giving, but nothing can surpass the Holiday Season!
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Even if gift giving means fun to some of us, it is considered by the psychologists to be one of the most stressful aspects of any Holiday experience. Our creativity, sensitivity, taste, and insight are being put to test and there is always a chance of misunderstanding or faux pas. You can always go wrong!
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Some of us may know exactly what to give, others may look for inspiration everywhere they can, but our choices are often limited by the budget we have to our disposition. We have to be even more creative if money is the problem. And what do we give people who already have "everything"?
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The best gifts are the gifts that the recipient really wants, enjoys and appreciates, but would possibly never buy for himself or herself. Things get a little bit more complicated when you don't know the recipient very well. A rule to consider: Never give funny, naughty or culturally biased gifts to people you do not know well. Something that looks funny to you may actually hurt or offend someone.

In a pickle? Follow these simple gift giving tips:
  • put emphasis on relationships rather than things
  • invest more time rather than money
  • always consider the degree of intimacy between you and the recipient
  • choose mindfulness and meaning rather than mindlessness
  • choose ecological, reusable, environmentally friendly gifts
  • choose gifts made by artists and artisans rather than mass market products
  • give home made delicacies like your own cookies, breads, or preserves
  • give books
  • make gift bundles
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Gift bundles are becoming incredibly popular and they add value to the gift even if the overall sum of money invested isn't that big. They also open wider range of possibilities and that cannot be achieved with a single item. Let your gift tell a story or create a vision. This can easily be done with a little imagination on your part.

So, what to bundle? 
  • Mugs are fantastic gifts, but instead of giving just another coffee mug, bundle it with a coffee maker, a bag of rare coffee beans, cool t-shirt or a book that reflects the quote or the artwork on the mug.
  • Don't just buy a t-shirt. Buy a matching sweatshirt, a pair of matching socks or a cool toy.
  • Don't just make or buy a scarf. Get a matching sweater, hat, or gloves.
  • Elegant cookbook is a good idea if your friends love to cook. Bundle it with a kitchen gadget, super cool apron, rare olive oil, or some exotic spice mix.
  • Don't just buy a toys. Bundle them with a book or a game.
  • Don't just buy a cell phone. Try to get a cool cell phone accessories as well.
  • Don't just buy opera tickets. Bundle them with a book about the composer or a diva.
  • Reading enriches the soul and expands the mind! Give books and give them often. Bundle them with mugs, toys, gadgets, or with original items designed by artists.

As you see, bundling gifts isn't very difficult and I am certain that you have plenty of your own ideas, but if you need more inspiration simply browse our online catalog. There is something nice for every taste  and desire in our store.
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To avoid stress, do not wait till the last final pre-Christmas sale. Start your preparations early. Make sure that you have all the gift wrapping materials, ribbons, stickers, bags, tags. Be creative, rather than wasteful. Use wrapping materials that can be re-used or at least easily recycled.
 Perfect gift bundle for her: Evening shirt by Jimmo, evening handbag, 
elegant ballerina shoes from Tory Burch and Chanel earrings

What to do if you cannot not find that perfect gift, or forgot to buy something? You can always give a gift card. Many stores offer Gift Cards. Some people abhor them, but they are becoming more and more popular with others and are great last minute gift. 

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

All images and designs are copyrighted and property of James W. Allmon ©2016


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