Friday, September 16, 2016

Raw? Vegan? Paleo? - Jimmo's Vegan T-Shirt Collection

 Passionately Raw and Vegan by Jimmo Shirts

Years ago a friend from Ohio told me that it was a family tradition in her home not to ever discuss religion or politics at the dinner table. This is a very smart move if you want to avoid indigestion. All families should really embrace it.

But religion and politics are not the only "inflammatory" subjects that should be avoided during a meal. Food choices and dieting are another.

There are, of course, many more subjects that could divide a peaceful family into warring fractions, but nothing, not even politics, can antagonize people as much as the food choices we all make. So, if you love bacon, but are living with a militant vegan under one roof, things could go very bad for you not only at the dinner table. No doubt about it! 

Same goes for vegans living with traditional omnivores. Vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies, and kale & quinoa lovers are often ridiculed by those who do not find pleasure in eating vegetables, or know too little about veganism to even envision it for themselves.

I believe that things could be so much easier for everybody if people simply stopped lecturing others and accept their choices. 

There is no doubt that food choices contribute to our well being and health. Putting more fruit and vegetable on the table could improve health of many people, but who are we to dictate how others should live?

Many carnivores go vegan for ethical reasons, and many vegans or raw food lovers go back to omnivore lifestyles after many years on meatless diet.

Vegan or fully raw diet can considerably improve chronic or degenerative conditions and may lead to weight loss, and in some cases, even to cancer remissions.

Nutritional guidance can be very confusing. At Jimmo's we believe that a healthy variety with a prevalence of organic produce is the best choice one can make to stay healthy and agile into old age. An apple a day may be enough to keep you going, but this is your choice to make. 

For those who wish to show off their love for veggies, juicing and raw food, Jimmo created a very attractive Vegan Collection. If you know a vegan or are one, you may want to explore it. There is nothing militant about our designs. We simply want to send a positive, non-judgemental message. Enjoy!

Wishing everybody a magnificent health  and conflict-free life - Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts.

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