Monday, August 15, 2016

Introducing The MagnetQUEEN

 Liza Juliette DeCamp - The MagnetQUEEN herself

We have known Liza Juliette DeCamp for many years now. Together with her husband Brian she runs a successful magnet company based in Nashville, TN, the MagnetQueen. 

Liza and Brian are New Yorkers who have been making high quality magnets for eighteen years. 

As the name of their company implies, they reign like a queen in their chosen business field and their magnets are second to none. They have an amazing range of products including:
  • save the date
  • wedding photos
  • favors
  • anniversaries
  • baby showers
  • baby announcements
  • baptism
  • first communion
  • bar and bat mitzvahs
  • birthdays
  • family or friends reunions
  • graduation 
  • inspirational quotes
  • vacation photos
  • pet photos
to name only a few. 

Liza's and Brian's creativity has no end and they come up with ever new ideas. They can turn your child's artwork into attractive magnets or make a magnet calendar that you can keep visible on your fridge, in your office, or anywhere where magnets can be attached. 

A few years ago Liza turned my salad recipe into a magnet. I loved the idea and believe that recipe magnets not only are a great way to safely store your own original recipes, they make wonderful hostess gifts. 

Our latest collaboration includes original artwork by Jimmo of Jimmo Shirts. Customers who bought t-shirts from our store can now have their favorite artwork or quote turned into a magnet. This is a really great gift idea: an attractive t-shirt and a magnet that will be a nice memory of a gift long after the favorite shirt has worn out. To have your first magnet made contact Jimmo Shirts so we can send the artwork to Liza. She would get back to you to discuss the pricing and all other modalities of the order. This will also work in reverse. Let Liza know that you have bought a shirt from us and we will send her the artwork you want to have turned into a magnet.

The photo magnets by MagnetQUEEN are of superb quality. The Nashville based company proudly uses 100% USA made materials. There is a special loyalty program for returning customers called the "QUEEN'S Club." You can create an account and start earning points. When you refer a friend you will receive 500 points. Each purchase is translated to points as well and when you accumulate sufficient amount you will receive a substantial discount on your order. With every $10.00 spent you will get one point. 1500 points, for instance, will secure a discount of $10.00. 2500 points equal to $25.00! Points accumulate quickly, especially if you are ordering a "save the date" magnets or want to turn your vacations photos into lasting memories.

I believe that local, family based businesses deserve all the support they can get. Quality, value for money, and a friendly and efficient service are more important than ever. To see the difference you have to go and see it for yourself.

By Dominique Allmon

To contact us drop an email to: or visit our Amazon store.

To visit Liza's website go to

To contact MagnetQUEEN write to: or call 800.248.5605.

Jimmo's best selling Pineapple Wisdom T-Shirt and 
Liza's beautiful magnet

Monday, August 1, 2016

What Is Happiness?

Happiness can mean many different things to different people. Generally, happiness is understood as a state of mind that is associated with feelings ranging from satisfaction and comfort to bliss and intense joy.

People often believe that they will become happy when a particular event occurs in their lives: when they make enough money, meet the right partner, or get the right job…

It cannot be denied that things can make our lives more pleasant and less stressful. They can give us some degree of satisfaction and we may derive pleasure from things that we wanted very much and finally received, but such pleasure is momentary and never really lasts long enough to keep us perpetually happy. As the joy and excitement wear out, we experience the need for something that would give us at least as much satisfaction. We are in a hurry to replace the old things with new. We search for a new gratifying experience. This process repeats itself over and over and we end up in a vicious cycle always wanting more, but never receiving enough.

Unless we realize that things do not really make us happy, we may never be able to achieve genuine happiness. It is a predicament to expect happiness “out there” or to bind it to conditions. Things come and go and with them, more often than not, our “constructed” happiness.

Happiness depends on our attitude. It is the way we think about life, the way we interpret our world and what is happening to us. It is the way we value more profound aspects of our existence that sets us apart from those looking for happiness outside of their own being.

Genuine happiness can be realized when we commit ourselves to making it our priority. We can learn to change our patterns of thought and the behavior that prevents us from being genuinely happy. It takes courage to look inside one’s heart and to define ourselves anew. But without a thorough introspection we will never know who we really are and what things really mean to us.

It is up to us to learn “control” our attitude to life, the way we see ourselves or interpret what is happening in our lives. And unless we understand that we are responsible for our own happiness, we may never experience the bliss and joy that come with it.

To help you stay motivated and happy we created a Happiness Collection that you may want to explore. Beautifully designed T-Shirts and Mugs will remind you daily that true happiness comes from inside out.

And before you go remember, there are many reasons to be happy!

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

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