Friday, July 15, 2016

Peace on Earth

Earlier this month a dear Facebook friend posted a picture that inspired Jim to create a new design that was to expand our Peace line of products.

While the Jimmo Shirts company remains apolitical, yet mindless slaughter of innocent people touches everybody's life.  Our hearts go to the victims of the most recent terrorist attacks in France where people gathered peacefully to celebrate their national holiday, the Bastille Day. It is absolutely tragic that people who celebrated liberty, equality and fraternity were attacked in such a bestial way.

Most people desire peace and security, but the cowards who spread ideology of hatred and hide behind their holy book have taken so many lives already and destroyed the hope for peace in so many places on earth.

It is very difficult for all those of us who witness the violence not to fall into a trap of hatred, fear or revenge. The current political arrangements in so many Western countries leave us helpless, hopeless and vulnerable. We feel that something must change. Very soon.

I am aware that a slogan on your t-shirt or a mug will not bring the change of mind in those who love violence, and yet we hope that conscious desire for peace and a vocal manifestation of that desire will, with time, create a shift in consciousness on this beautiful planet.

To me, the love for peace is a sign of emotional maturity. Love and kindness are the signs of inner strength not weakness, and those who cannot love themselves are unable to love others. It takes a pure heart and an incredibly disciplined mind  not to fall into a trap of fear and hatred. The guilty ones must and will be punished because civilized societies are based on the justice principle. And this is precisely what distinguishes us form the savagery of the cowardly perpetrators.

Fill your hearts with love for those close to you, demand justice for those who perished and become an active link in a movement for peace on earth.

By Dominique Allmon

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