Friday, June 24, 2016

The Big Independence Day Americana Sale at Jimmo's!

With the American Independence Day coming we at Jimmo Shirts decided to celebrate and offer our customers a special discount for all items in our Americana Patriotic Collection

This beautiful, timeless collection featuring apparel, mugs, home decor and iPhone accessories, was designed by a New Mexico artist, former US Marine James Allmon. His creativity, his patriotism and his love for the country combine perfectly in playful, contemporary Americana designs. 

The Americana Patriotic Collection was especially designed for all America loving people and Independence Day is a perfect time for reflection. Freedom and Liberty are often taken for granted, but they do not come cheaply. Many paid the ultimate price. 

Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of the sacrifice of our nation's founders and heroes. As the ultimate icon of America's storied history, the Stars and Stripes represents the very best of this nation. - Joe Barton

If you are looking for a perfect gift visit Jimmo Shirts online store. The big Independence Sale starts June 25th and runs till July 9th. 

All items are priced generously, but to celebrate with you we decided to offer you 10% discount. To save money use the Discount Code 4THJULYSALE at check out. The whole collection is made in America and is sweat shop free. And since all items are made to order, please allow a few days for delivery.

Although the SALE runs through a limited time, the Americana Patriotic Collection is here to stay and grow. Patriotism and the love for the country can be expressed at any time of the year.

Wishing everybody a very Happy Independence Day,

Dominique, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nothing to Wear!

Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets. - Mignon McLaughlin

Nothing to wear! Only a woman can understand this statement. It is estimated that most women wear only about a third of what is in their wardrobes. The remaining two-thirds either do not fit, are out of fashion, do not match with anything else, or are not right for the occasion.

So what can you do if you are caught up in the dilemma?

My best advice is to have an honest look at your clothes and sort out things using following criteria:
  • things that haven't been worn in the last 300 days or so
  • things that do not fit anymore
  • things that do not match with anything else
  • things that are hopelessly out of fashion if you do not want to look like someone from another era
To sort your wardrobe you may need to consecrate a whole weekend. You will have to take everything out, and probably even try most of your clothes. With some creativity you may come up with new ways to wear what you already have, but if nothing works you may have to get rid of your unwanted stuff and make space for something new. 

Finding new home for your unwanted clothes should not be difficult. You can either donate them, or sell them in a second-hand store or on e-bay.

A good friend or a style coach might be needed if you have a difficult time determining what stays or what has to go. Phrases like "I might still wear it" or "I am going to lose weight soon" do not work if you want to clean up your act, so be honest to yourself.

Once you cleared your wardrobe space from unwearable and unworn items, you may want to have a serious look at your own preferences and change the way you are shopping for new clothes. What is your personal style? What colors suit you best?

One of the items that should not be missing in your wardrobe is a T-Shirt. T-Shirts are rather inexpensive and never go out of fashion. The styles range from funny and provocative to stylish and understated. They come in many colors and designs, and can be worn on many occasions. A simple black tee with black slacks, Chanel flats and a string of pearls may all you need for an elegant evening out in the City.

In case you wonder, sometimes it is as simple as that. You might be even setting a trend since there is magic in simplicity.

At Jimmo Designs we absolutely love to create designs that suit the most sophisticated and choosy minds.

As far as gents are concerned, we are almost certain that man can never have enough T-Shirts. Our ever growing collection has something for everybody.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Designs

Friday, June 10, 2016

Vegvisir and the Jimmo's Nordic Collection

Vegvisir T-Shirt by Jimmo

It is time to introduce you to our successful, beautifully designed Nordic Collection that features the Icelandic runic compass. Nordic culture experiences a revival of sorts, partly thanks to a very successful "Vikings" TV series. 

Vegvísir is an Icelandic sigil or stave. It is a magical symbol that was often carried on one's person or drawn on one’s forehead with blood to prevent a person from getting lost.

Nowadays this symbol is often mistakenly attributed to the Vikings, but it is actually much younger that the Viking culture. Like many other magical staves, Vegvísir probably has its roots in Medieval magic, Germanic and Scandinavian lore, and the magical meaning of the Runes.

Vegvísir was mentioned in an Icelandic grimoire called Galdrabók (magic book) dating back to the 17th century. It can also be found in the Huld Manuscript of 1860.

The word Vegvísir  is translated as "signpost." It derives from two Icelandic words: "veg" and "vísir." "Vegur" means road or path. "Vísir" stands for the word guide. Often, though not quite correctly, Vegvísir is understood as a compass. The New Age culture may even identify it as a runic compass that incorporates runic magic.

The meaning of this symbol has been interpreted as follows: "If this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known." Magical properties were instilled by its creator, but the symbol had its power if it was written (composed) correctly.

The symbol is a wheel composed of eight staves with eight different protective charms attached at the end of each stave. Each charm protects against a different obstacle and together they potentiate their magic.  According to the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft in Hólmavík, Iceland, the effects attributed to magical staves were more relevant to poorer, illiterate, superstitious natives of Iceland, since these people were mostly small farmers and fishers who had to deal with harsh climate and uncertain seas and hoped for protection from disasters.

In the 1960s Vegvísir was appropriated by a New Age religion of Ásatrú and is used by the followers as a magical symbol. Today many people use Vegvísir symbol for protection. In an esoteric sense, Vegvísir may protect a seeker on his way to higher consciousness. It helps one find the right way and continue the journey despite all perils from within and without.

Independently from ascribed magical powers, the symbol has a high aesthetic value and is often used in art and fashion, or worn as a tattoo.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

Dominique Allmon©2016

Welcome to Jimmo!

Colorful T-Shirts from Jimmo's

Welcome to Jimmo. We are very proud to occupy a very special space in the world of casual fashion and design. We are based in Roswell, New Mexico and a fairly new on the market. Although we are in the business for a few years already, Jimmo was established only in October 2015. We operate a web based store and also sell our designs on Amazon and Redbubble. Graphic T-Shirts are in the center of our activity, but we create and sell so much more.

The Jimmo collection began with a few fun designs and now features apparel for men, women and children, mugs, home decor, cell phone accessories, stationery, and more. And while the Jimmo's Amazon Store sells only t-shirts, Jimmo's website specializes mostly in apparel and mugs. Home decor, wall art, stationary, cell phone accessories, and clocks can be purchased on Redbubble.

For more than one hundred years, the T-Shirt has been the ultimate wardrobe staple, but only sometime in the 1960s it became a genuine canvas for artistic expression, advertisement, and self-expression.

Thanks to enormous creativity the T-Shirt, in its own right, is a very diverse garment. It  is as diverse as the millions of people who wear it. There is no doubt, the more sophisticated the wearer, the more original his or her choice of wardrobe and design.

Artist-designed fashion is trendy and makes one stand out in the crowd.

In a recent interview, the human face behind Jimmo said that this brand "was born wholesale from a crack on the noggin and took on a life of it's own." The artist and graphic designer James Allmon of Roswell, NM, has a lot of fun creating his designs and hopes you will enjoy them as well.

The Jimmo brand is quite sophisticated and diverse. The original designs sprung from the mind of a cheerful, but profound personality. There is something for everybody. Just have a look!

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

Jimmo's designs are also sold on Redbubble!

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