Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Jimmo!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! We hope you are celebrating surrounded by your family and friends. Be joyful and count your blessings! Sparkle and shine! But most of all, stay peaceful and safe!
 ~ With best Christmas and New Year wishes - Jim and Dominique at Jimmo's ~

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide By Jimmo

Gift giving is a very old tradition. It is probably much older than we think. It might have started with the first offerings to the gods. Throughout the ages gift giving was practiced in many cultures and often involved complex symbolism. It was practiced in archaic societies where gift giving was a matter of honor and morality and a way to forge relationships with strangers. To give a gift was a sign of generosity and called for respect of the giver. The recipient of a gift would show his respect to the giver by accepting the gift and was given a chance to reciprocate and prove his own generosity.

The gift giving tradition today is just as vivid, if not more so, as it was in the long forgotten past. There are many occasions for gift giving, but nothing can surpass the Holiday Season!
Gift idea: Cool Robot Head T-Shirt by Jimmo 
and a vintage robot toy - both sold on Amazon

Even if gift giving means fun to some of us, it is considered by the psychologists to be one of the most stressful aspects of any Holiday experience. Our creativity, sensitivity, taste, and insight are being put to test and there is always a chance of misunderstanding or faux pas. You can always go wrong!
Always a good idea - Graphic T-Shirts designed by Jimmo

Some of us may know exactly what to give, others may look for inspiration everywhere they can, but our choices are often limited by the budget we have to our disposition. We have to be even more creative if money is the problem. And what do we give people who already have "everything"?
Unicorn Magic - Mug by Jimmo

The best gifts are the gifts that the recipient really wants, enjoys and appreciates, but would possibly never buy for himself or herself. Things get a little bit more complicated when you don't know the recipient very well. A rule to consider: Never give funny, naughty or culturally biased gifts to people you do not know well. Something that looks funny to you may actually hurt or offend someone.

In a pickle? Follow these simple gift giving tips:
  • put emphasis on relationships rather than things
  • invest more time rather than money
  • always consider the degree of intimacy between you and the recipient
  • choose mindfulness and meaning rather than mindlessness
  • choose ecological, reusable, environmentally friendly gifts
  • choose gifts made by artists and artisans rather than mass market products
  • give home made delicacies like your own cookies, breads, or preserves
  • give books
  • make gift bundles
 Supersonic Santa T-Shirt by Jimmo

Gift bundles are becoming incredibly popular and they add value to the gift even if the overall sum of money invested isn't that big. They also open wider range of possibilities and that cannot be achieved with a single item. Let your gift tell a story or create a vision. This can easily be done with a little imagination on your part.

So, what to bundle? 
  • Mugs are fantastic gifts, but instead of giving just another coffee mug, bundle it with a coffee maker, a bag of rare coffee beans, cool t-shirt or a book that reflects the quote or the artwork on the mug.
  • Don't just buy a t-shirt. Buy a matching sweatshirt, a pair of matching socks or a cool toy.
  • Don't just make or buy a scarf. Get a matching sweater, hat, or gloves.
  • Elegant cookbook is a good idea if your friends love to cook. Bundle it with a kitchen gadget, super cool apron, rare olive oil, or some exotic spice mix.
  • Don't just buy a toys. Bundle them with a book or a game.
  • Don't just buy a cell phone. Try to get a cool cell phone accessories as well.
  • Don't just buy opera tickets. Bundle them with a book about the composer or a diva.
  • Reading enriches the soul and expands the mind! Give books and give them often. Bundle them with mugs, toys, gadgets, or with original items designed by artists.

As you see, bundling gifts isn't very difficult and I am certain that you have plenty of your own ideas, but if you need more inspiration simply browse our online catalog. There is something nice for every taste  and desire in our store.
One can never have enough mugs! Get a mug designed by
Jimmo! - Supersonic Santa Mug, Peace on Earth Mug

To avoid stress, do not wait till the last final pre-Christmas sale. Start your preparations early. Make sure that you have all the gift wrapping materials, ribbons, stickers, bags, tags. Be creative, rather than wasteful. Use wrapping materials that can be re-used or at least easily recycled.
 Perfect gift bundle for her: Evening shirt by Jimmo, evening handbag, 
elegant ballerina shoes from Tory Burch and Chanel earrings

What to do if you cannot not find that perfect gift, or forgot to buy something? You can always give a gift card. Many stores offer Gift Cards. Some people abhor them, but they are becoming more and more popular with others and are great last minute gift. 

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

All images and designs are copyrighted and property of James W. Allmon ©2016


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Stress? Not This Year

Stress is probably one of the most underestimated holiday “companions” we may ever encounter. While the Holiday Season is meant to be a time of love, warmth and cheerfulness, it often turns out to be the most stressful time of the year. Despite the fact that we celebrate every year, the Holidays seem to always take us by surprise. Year after year.

Since holiday stress is predictable and avoidable, why, after all the preparations are finished and the first dinner guests appear at the door, some of us feel so little joy and are getting sick, or are about to collapse from plain exhaustion?

As the overall tension rises during the Holiday Season, many people may become frustrated, ill tempered, impatient, or even angry, especially when the holiday stress is amplified by financial difficulties and feelings of inadequacy and failure.

What is stress?

Stress is the body’s natural response to intense situations that require some kind of action on the part of the individual. Some stress is considered to be good. Experts say that it can actually improve our immune system. Bad stress, however, weakens the body’s immune response and may cause a range of health problems such as sleep disorder, weight gain, heart problems, impaired digestion. An untreated, prolonged or chronic stress may even have deadly consequences.

Is there anything that we can do to avoid stress before the Holidays?

Keeping an eye on your budget, mailing Christmas cards and invitations, and buying gifts early, buying online, preparing a Christmas dinner menu in advance, hiring catering service, delegating tasks to family members, etc., are some of the strategies worth embracing if we want to avoid unnecessary stress. But even if we do, we may still worry that the cards or gifts might not be delivered on time, or that someone forgets what we asked them to do.

The very fact that we still have to oversee all the preparations of the festive dinner makes the “delegating business” just as stressful as doing everything oneself. No matter what we do, stress and anxiety seem unavoidable as there always is a chance that things might go wrong. The vision of impending catastrophe is almost comical and yet, not funny at all.

So, if the Holiday stress seems unavoidable, why not give yourself a gift of relaxation? You could schedule an early afternoon visit to a spa and pamper yourself. Or send your family off to the the movies or a skating ring and take a relaxing bath after a long day of Christmas shopping. Light some scented candles and listen to a quiet, soothing music. Have a cup of hot chocolate, some calming herbal infusion, or a nice glass of wine. Go to bed early. Relax and don’t let the holiday stress ruin your Holidays.

We function much better when we are relaxed. Our memory improves and we are in a much better mood.

Plan ahead and remember that things do not have to be perfect. Holidays are about joy and cordiality, not about perfection. So, if Holidays mean stress to you, maybe it is time to simplify the way you celebrate.

To help you just a little with your holiday shopping we will publish a small gift guide. As you may already know our products are made to order and our fulfillment partner company has imposed deadlines that you will have to consider if you want your orders to arrive on time. We are also offering a special Holiday Season discount. Type code


at checkout to receive 15% discount on your entire purchase. Remember to order by December 12 at the latest. After this time we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. For all late comers and the undecided buyers, Jimmo now offers Gift Cards. You may want to explore this option, just in case.

Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

Dominique Allmon©2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We would love to express our gratitude to all our customers and blog readers. Thank you for your support and constant encouragement. You are what makes our business really exciting!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving! - Jim and Dominique of Jimmo

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Are You Ready For Black Friday? We At Jimmo's Are!

As most Americans are getting ready for the Thanksgiving celebrations, stores and businesses across the country are making their final preparations for the biggest sale on earth! The Black Friday is upon us and Jimmo, just like many other online businesses, has set up its website for the big event. 

To make your shopping experience more enjoyable we are offering you 20% discount on all purchases. Simply put your favorite item into a shopping basket and type the discount code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout. Everything else will be taken care of.

We cordially invite you to explore our eclectic collection. There is something for every discerning taste. To enter the store please click HERE

Wishing you a lot of fun while browsing - Your sales team at Jimmo's

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Importance of Being Grateful

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. - Eric Hoffer

On Thanksgiving Day, many American families celebrate the tradition of sitting around the dinner table and taking a few minutes to reflect on and share with others what they are grateful for. 

It doesn’t matter that we live in difficult times. It doesn’t matter that we may feel insecure, depressed, disappointed or even angry. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on the good things in our lives and to celebrate abundance. There is always a silver lining, no matter what. We may not always see it, but a shift in our perception of reality will help us change the way we experience everything that is coming our way. At first it may be difficult to understand that the glass is never empty. It may come in a wrong size at times, but it is always full. There is always something to fill our hearts with joy, something to fill our minds with wonder, something to be grateful for. If we remember this, we will easily find the strength to continue no matter how difficult our circumstances may appear. 

A small exercise in gratefulness can help us shift attention and move the center of gravity. Instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong or missing in our lives, we should express gratitude for all the things that are good and praiseworthy. This change in attitude helps us elevate our vibration. We instantly feel better about ourselves and our circumstances. As our mood changes gradually, we tend to attract positive response from people around us. Everything seems to be less dreary and we have the strength to face our challenges without fear. We are able to understand that even the most difficult times do not last forever. We know that we are in transition and that the outcome depends on the direction we are wiling to take. After all, we are the final masters of our fate. 

Do not allow negative emotions to take over. Do not tune in with others who spend their days whining and complaining. Instead, try to motivate those around you to count their blessings and to exercise gratitude on daily bases. At first, they may object that there is very little they can be grateful for, but with passing time they will realize that it is really up to them to experience joy and create abundance. It is like a magic touch because with the right frame of mind ordinary things will suddenly take on another meaning. 

Keep in mind that giving thanks is a conscious decision we need to make daily. Begin your day with blessings and end it with a reflection on the good things in your life. Do not wait for Thanksgiving. Start now and watch the change.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

Image source here

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello November!

“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.” - J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
November already! If you are like me, you probably wonder where did all the October go. Time flies, no doubt about it.

Depending on where you live, November is a time for comfort, warm sweaters, scarves, and endless cups of hot chocolate. The days are shorter and colder now, and we feel more like staying at home than venturing outside. Humans are not meant to be sedentary, but November is that time of the year when we forgive ourselves quite a lot.

Those brave souls who dare to venture outside tend to dress up a little bit warmer:  long sleeve shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, scarves and hats. There are few effective strategies that help you prepare your immune system for the winter. Keeping your body warm will help prevent unnecessary cold infections. Staying active will improve your blood circulation and help you stay warm from inside out. Swap the ice cold drinks for hot tea or chocolate, or get a bowl of hot soup when you feel cold. Adjust your daily routine a bit, but do not go completely dormant. Fall and winter can be such a fun!

We have only a few weeks left till Thanksgiving and less than two months till Christmas. Time is running really fast and sooner than we think we will be decorating our Christmas trees. We at Jimmo Shirts decided to spare you a lot of stress and brighten up your November days with an offer you cannot resist: We are offering you 15% discount on all items in the store. Simply type FALL15 at checkout to get the discount. This offer expires on November 7th so please hurry. There is something for everyone in our store and we are certain you will be able to find an attractive gift or two.

Some of Jimmo's designs are now also sold on Redbubble to accommodate our international customers. To get a discount there you will have to offer one of the discount codes offered occasionally by Redbubble. To visit Jimmo's store there please click here. The store offers items that are not sold in our online store. You can get attractive wall art, home decor and stationary. Go ahead and have a look.

Whatever you decide, please share your shopping experience with us. We are very grateful and always willing to improve our customer service.

In meantime, stay healthy and warm, and enjoy the beauty of fall.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
Give me something good to eat.
Give me candy. Give me cake.
Give me something good to take.

Boo! Wishing everybody a very spooky Halloween 
 Jim & Dominique at the Jimmo Shirts

Jimmo Shirts

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Get Ready for Halloween!

 Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin carved by Jimmo!

On October 31 once again we are celebrating Halloween. This fun holiday has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain that marked the end of Summer and the beginning of the dark season. Halloween also coincides with the Christian holiday of All Saints and is very popular with children in the Anglo-Saxon world, especially in the USA.

Did you know that the practice of dressing up in costumes and begging from door to door for treats on holidays dates back to the Middle Ages? The modern trick-or-treating resembles the late medieval practice of souling, when poor people would go from door to door on November 1 - the day of the Hallowmas  - begging for food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day - November 2. The tradition originated in Ireland and Britain, although similar practices were found as far south as Italy. Shakespeare mentions the practice in his comedy "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", when Speed accuses his master of "puling - whimpering or whining - like a beggar at Hallowmas."

Agatha the Friendly Witch - Halloween T-Shirt designed by Jimmo

The custom of wearing costumes and masks at Halloween goes back to the Celtic tradition of attempting to placate evil spirits. In Scotland, for instance, the dead were impersonated by young men dressed in white garments with their faces masked, veiled or blackened.

On Halloween Eve, the kids wear costumes and proceed from house to house asking for sweet treats with the question, "Trick or treat?" The "trick" part is a threat to play a trick on the homeowner or his property if no treat is given.

Stores all over the country, and almost everywhere else, are full of Halloween decorations, sugar candy, and costumes. Jimmo Shirts does not sell candy or costumes, but we have created a Halloween Collection that will definitely add some fun to your Halloween celebrations. There are attractive t-shirts and hoodies, environmentally friendly, reusable  trick-o-trick bags, and mug for your spooky Halloween concoctions. 

Since trick-or-treating is one of the main customs of the Halloween celebrations, those who live in neighborhoods with children should have some candy ready if they do not want to become victims of a trick or two...

To make your shopping experience at Jimmo's less spooky we have decided to offer you a great bargain. Type FALL15 at checkout and get 15% off on all items in the store. Boo! Don't be frightened, order now!

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Designs

Please also visit Jimmo's Halloween Collection on Redbubble

Friday, October 7, 2016

It's Pumpkin Spice Season

Instead of doing cinnamon, nutmeg, and all those baking spices I'll have one spice that's for sweets, and that' pumpkin pie spice. - Sandra Lee

Pumpkins! Pumpkin pies! Pumpkin spiced lattes! Bright colors everywhere! As much as we love summer, many of us have to admit that fall is a welcome season. Especially, when summer was as hot as this one.

Here in Roswell, New Mexico, at the end of the first week of October, it still feels like summer, but the days are shorter and cooler, and so much more pleasant. No one needs to wear a sweater yet and everybody enjoys the change of season.

One can catch the scent of pumpkin spice in the air here and there, but nothing can match the scent of roasted green Hatch chile. Yet, interestingly enough, green chile, salsa, and breakfast burritos do not necessarily contradict the love for pumpkins and pumpkin spice that are omnipresent even in Roswell.

To satisfy your pumpkin spice cravings Jimmo has created many products featuring pumpkins. In the Fall Collection you will find something for every taste. There are pumpkins for pumpkin spice lovers, spooky pumpkins for Halloween, and beautiful Thanksgiving pumpkins. Go and feast your eyes on the beautiful pumpkin art created by Jimmo.

I really hope that all is well in your corner of the world. If you are living in the northern hemisphere you probably share my love for the early fall season. We are no longer as carefree as we were in July or August, but not yet as melancholic as we can sometimes become in November.

October is a time for play and joy. So sit on your porch, take a deep breath, feast your eyes on nature's vibrant colors, and enjoy your pumpkin spiced potions as time passes by. Take a moment and consider that you will have to wait another twelve month to do just that.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

To view all the pumpkins designed by Jimmo please click here.

Pumpkin magnet by MagnetQueen

Saturday, October 1, 2016

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Like every year women around the world become aware of this deadly disease when October comes. The statistics are terrifying despite the growing awareness and health information available to us:
  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
  • In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 57,650 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.
  • About 2,140 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in men in 2011. A man’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000.
  • From 1999 to 2005, breast cancer incidence rates in the U.S. decreased by about 2% per year. The decrease was seen only in women aged 50 and older. One theory is that this decrease was partially due to the reduced use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) by women after the results of a large study called the Women’s Health Initiative were published in 2002. These results suggested a connection between HRT and increased breast cancer risk.
  • About 39,520 women in the U.S. were expected to die in 2011 from breast cancer, though death rates have been decreasing since 1990 - especially in women under 50. These decreases are thought to be the result of treatment advances, earlier detection through screening, and increased awareness.
  • For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, besides lung cancer.
  • Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. Just under 30% of cancers in women are breast cancers.
  • White women are slightly more likely to develop breast cancer than African-American women. However, in women under 45, breast cancer is more common in African-American women than white women. Overall, African-American women are more llkely to die of breast cancer. Asian, Hispanic, and Native-American women have a lower risk of developing and dying from breast cancer.
  • In 2011, there were more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the US.
  • A woman’s risk of breast cancer approximately doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. About 15% of women who get breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it.
  • In men, about 1 in 10 breast cancers are believed to be due to BRCA2 mutations, and even fewer cases to BRCA1 mutations.
  • About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer. These occur due to genetic mutations that happen as a result of the aging process and life in general, rather than inherited mutations.  
For most people the diagnosis comes as a shock. To many it is a death sentence. And yet, breast cancer, like many other cancers, is a symptom of a life strategies gone wrong. It can be prevented! Prevention means a drastic change of lifestyle - a step that relatively few people want to take. At least not before they are diagnosed with a deadly disease. 

The importance of early detection of breast cancer cannot be stressed enough. It takes only a few minutes a day to perform self-examination. 

Healthy nutrition is vital in prevention of any disease. Just consider that a better health is only a meal away. It really is this simple!

Wishing everyone a magnificent time in October, in radiant health - Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Last Day of Summer

Summer ends and Autumn comes and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night. - Hal Borland 

To all those of us living in the Northern hemisphere September 21st marks the end of Summer. As Autumn begins and the weather changes, we often slow down a bit and turn our attention to the visible changes in nature. 

We leave the undisturbed lightness of Summer behind and become more reflective than we usually are. The memories of a summer in paradise may fade away, but one thing is certain. No matter what lies ahead, the next Summer will come for sure...

Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

Friday, September 16, 2016

Raw? Vegan? Paleo? - Jimmo's Vegan T-Shirt Collection

 Passionately Raw and Vegan by Jimmo Shirts

Years ago a friend from Ohio told me that it was a family tradition in her home not to ever discuss religion or politics at the dinner table. This is a very smart move if you want to avoid indigestion. All families should really embrace it.

But religion and politics are not the only "inflammatory" subjects that should be avoided during a meal. Food choices and dieting are another.

There are, of course, many more subjects that could divide a peaceful family into warring fractions, but nothing, not even politics, can antagonize people as much as the food choices we all make. So, if you love bacon, but are living with a militant vegan under one roof, things could go very bad for you not only at the dinner table. No doubt about it! 

Same goes for vegans living with traditional omnivores. Vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies, and kale & quinoa lovers are often ridiculed by those who do not find pleasure in eating vegetables, or know too little about veganism to even envision it for themselves.

I believe that things could be so much easier for everybody if people simply stopped lecturing others and accept their choices. 

There is no doubt that food choices contribute to our well being and health. Putting more fruit and vegetable on the table could improve health of many people, but who are we to dictate how others should live?

Many carnivores go vegan for ethical reasons, and many vegans or raw food lovers go back to omnivore lifestyles after many years on meatless diet.

Vegan or fully raw diet can considerably improve chronic or degenerative conditions and may lead to weight loss, and in some cases, even to cancer remissions.

Nutritional guidance can be very confusing. At Jimmo's we believe that a healthy variety with a prevalence of organic produce is the best choice one can make to stay healthy and agile into old age. An apple a day may be enough to keep you going, but this is your choice to make. 

For those who wish to show off their love for veggies, juicing and raw food, Jimmo created a very attractive Vegan Collection. If you know a vegan or are one, you may want to explore it. There is nothing militant about our designs. We simply want to send a positive, non-judgemental message. Enjoy!

Wishing everybody a magnificent health  and conflict-free life - Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts.

For super cool raw food recipes visit Passionately Raw! raw food blog

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Friday, September 9, 2016

For the Love of Coffee!
Jimmo's Choku Rei Reiki Mug

Coffee lovers know that there is nothing like a freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning! Believe me or not, our best products were created under the influence of caffeine and Jimmo not only loves coffee, he is a coffee connoisseur. His love of coffee is reflected in our Coffee Lover's Collection that was especially designed for coffee lovers like himself.
I can't imagine a day without coffee. 
I can't imagine! - Howard Schultz
Coffee is not only tasty, but it is really good for you. Coffee contains antioxidants, vitamins B2, B3, and B6, manganese, potassium, and magnesium. Whether you are an early morning person, or a night owl, coffee will keep you going and increase your creativity.

Studies show that coffee has the potential to improve certain aspects of brain function, including cognition, memory, reaction time, and mood.

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant that blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine in the brain. When adenosine is blocked, the production of neurotransmitters like the dopamine and norepinephrine increases and neurons in the brain become more active. Coffee drinkers feel happier, more energetic and can concentrate better on the task at hand.

Caffeine is a blessing to people who struggle with weight since it can increase the metabolic rate and help burn fat more quickly. Many weight loss products contain high amounts of caffeine, but studies show that it is the green coffee extract that is more effective. If you need to lose weight, do some research before you buy a product. And if you are a coffee drinker, skip the cream and sugar since they add extra calories to an otherwise law calorie drink. Italian espresso, for instance, has only 1 (one!) calorie; a 8oz cup of brewed coffee has only 2 calories; but the 16oz cup of Starbucks Caffè Latte comes with 220 calories. Add your favorite vanilla syrup and the amount almost doubles!

Coffee drinkers not only feel mentally active, they report improved physical performance and endurance since caffeine increases levels of adrenaline (epinephrine) in blood.  Caffeine helps the body to break down the stored body fat and use it as additional fuel. Fitness experts suggest that people should drink a strong espresso about thirty minutes before going to the gym.

Researches report that coffee may help prevent type 2 diabetes, lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease and the Parkinson's, improve liver health, and even prevent the risk of certain cancers. Studies also show that coffee does not cause heart disease and may even prevent stroke.

Like with everything, too much coffee may have and adverse effect on some people. Nervousness, agitation, bad mood, insomnia and even caffeine addiction may result from over consumption. Four to five cups per day are safe for most people. Find your optimal level and enjoy daily!

Coffee is so much more that just a beverage. It is a culture! We cannot envision a world without coffee shops and baristas, coffee roasters, coffee makers, coffee cups and mugs.

The history of coffee in the Western world began in 1615 when the Venetian merchants who tasted the beverage in Istanbul brought it over to Venice. The first coffeehouse opened in Italy in 1645 and became a place where people met socially. The coffeehouse culture spread across Europe and reached North America in 1668. First American coffeehouse opened in 1696 in New York and was called "The King's Arms." About three centuries later, in 1971, a new phenomenon in the coffee world popped up in Seattle, Washington: the now world famous, Starbucks Coffee Company came to live in Pike Place and changed the way millions of people drink coffee today. By 1996 a take out coffee cup became a fashion accessory!

At Jimmo's we are quite aware that coffee, coffee makers, coffee mugs and coffee-themed attire make really great gifts for any occasion. Two collections sprouted almost independently from one another: the Coffee Lover's Collection and Mugs by Jimmo. Both collections are fun! We are certain that there is something for everyone. Brew a cup of fresh coffee, relax and have a look at our stuff. You will not regret it.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

Image: Reiki Choku Rei Positive Energy Mug. To purchase, please click here


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Monday, August 15, 2016

Introducing The MagnetQUEEN

 Liza Juliette DeCamp - The MagnetQUEEN herself

We have known Liza Juliette DeCamp for many years now. Together with her husband Brian she runs a successful magnet company based in Nashville, TN, the MagnetQueen. 

Liza and Brian are New Yorkers who have been making high quality magnets for eighteen years. 

As the name of their company implies, they reign like a queen in their chosen business field and their magnets are second to none. They have an amazing range of products including:
  • save the date
  • wedding photos
  • favors
  • anniversaries
  • baby showers
  • baby announcements
  • baptism
  • first communion
  • bar and bat mitzvahs
  • birthdays
  • family or friends reunions
  • graduation 
  • inspirational quotes
  • vacation photos
  • pet photos
to name only a few. 

Liza's and Brian's creativity has no end and they come up with ever new ideas. They can turn your child's artwork into attractive magnets or make a magnet calendar that you can keep visible on your fridge, in your office, or anywhere where magnets can be attached. 

A few years ago Liza turned my salad recipe into a magnet. I loved the idea and believe that recipe magnets not only are a great way to safely store your own original recipes, they make wonderful hostess gifts. 

Our latest collaboration includes original artwork by Jimmo of Jimmo Shirts. Customers who bought t-shirts from our store can now have their favorite artwork or quote turned into a magnet. This is a really great gift idea: an attractive t-shirt and a magnet that will be a nice memory of a gift long after the favorite shirt has worn out. To have your first magnet made contact Jimmo Shirts so we can send the artwork to Liza. She would get back to you to discuss the pricing and all other modalities of the order. This will also work in reverse. Let Liza know that you have bought a shirt from us and we will send her the artwork you want to have turned into a magnet.

The photo magnets by MagnetQUEEN are of superb quality. The Nashville based company proudly uses 100% USA made materials. There is a special loyalty program for returning customers called the "QUEEN'S Club." You can create an account and start earning points. When you refer a friend you will receive 500 points. Each purchase is translated to points as well and when you accumulate sufficient amount you will receive a substantial discount on your order. With every $10.00 spent you will get one point. 1500 points, for instance, will secure a discount of $10.00. 2500 points equal to $25.00! Points accumulate quickly, especially if you are ordering a "save the date" magnets or want to turn your vacations photos into lasting memories.

I believe that local, family based businesses deserve all the support they can get. Quality, value for money, and a friendly and efficient service are more important than ever. To see the difference you have to go and see it for yourself.

By Dominique Allmon

To contact us drop an email to: or visit our Amazon store.

To visit Liza's website go to

To contact MagnetQUEEN write to: or call 800.248.5605.

Jimmo's best selling Pineapple Wisdom T-Shirt and 
Liza's beautiful magnet

Monday, August 1, 2016

What Is Happiness?

Happiness can mean many different things to different people. Generally, happiness is understood as a state of mind that is associated with feelings ranging from satisfaction and comfort to bliss and intense joy.

People often believe that they will become happy when a particular event occurs in their lives: when they make enough money, meet the right partner, or get the right job…

It cannot be denied that things can make our lives more pleasant and less stressful. They can give us some degree of satisfaction and we may derive pleasure from things that we wanted very much and finally received, but such pleasure is momentary and never really lasts long enough to keep us perpetually happy. As the joy and excitement wear out, we experience the need for something that would give us at least as much satisfaction. We are in a hurry to replace the old things with new. We search for a new gratifying experience. This process repeats itself over and over and we end up in a vicious cycle always wanting more, but never receiving enough.

Unless we realize that things do not really make us happy, we may never be able to achieve genuine happiness. It is a predicament to expect happiness “out there” or to bind it to conditions. Things come and go and with them, more often than not, our “constructed” happiness.

Happiness depends on our attitude. It is the way we think about life, the way we interpret our world and what is happening to us. It is the way we value more profound aspects of our existence that sets us apart from those looking for happiness outside of their own being.

Genuine happiness can be realized when we commit ourselves to making it our priority. We can learn to change our patterns of thought and the behavior that prevents us from being genuinely happy. It takes courage to look inside one’s heart and to define ourselves anew. But without a thorough introspection we will never know who we really are and what things really mean to us.

It is up to us to learn “control” our attitude to life, the way we see ourselves or interpret what is happening in our lives. And unless we understand that we are responsible for our own happiness, we may never experience the bliss and joy that come with it.

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And before you go remember, there are many reasons to be happy!

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo Shirts

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