Sunday, April 7, 2019

Celebrate Earth Month With Jimmo Designs

Jimmo Designs Nature Lovers Collection

We are already one week into the Earth Month and we hope that you found ways to reduce your personal carbon foot print. Taking individual responsibility is important, and even if it feels sometimes like a drop of water on a hot stone, your actions matter.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better. It's not." -Dr. Seuss

I do not want to start a discussion about the climate change here. I am appalled at the hypocrisy surrounding this subject. Just follow the money and see for yourself.

No matter on what side of the climate change debate you are standing right now, the fact is
  • tropical jungles are vanishing at an alarming rate;
  • countless species are losing their habitat due to human activity;
  • there is a huge garbage patch on Pacific Ocean;
  • potable water is becoming scarce in many regions of the world;
  • garbage mountains are growing and recycling is problematic; 
  • ecosystems are collapsing;
  • environmental pollution is at record high...
I could go on. Human existence is toxic to the planet and we have to revise our strategies if we want to survive.

School kids at the walkout for climate in March, 2019

Consumers have an incredible power to change things and they are learning to use it. The recent climate change students walkouts demonstrate a big concern for the future of our planet. Thousands of children around the world demanded action from politicians, but for the strategy to really work, the changes must be implemented locally and gradually. Prohibition of plastic straws in California, for instance, was met with outrage and protests and could have been done differently.

Phasing out an unwanted product and providing an alternative, would have worked better. Paper or plastic? Those who bought groceries at Whole Foods were given a choice. Some chose plastic bags, many took the paper alternative, and some started bringing their own canvas bag. The same could be done with straws. Paper straws exist, but you cannot keep them in your 20 oz soda cup for hours. To solve the problem we need innovation. New, biodegradable materials, quick thinking entrepreneurs, and intelligent consumers are needed for the change to take a deep root.

The Earth Month and the Earth Day are perfect reasons to implement new strategies in your household, but old habits die hard, especially if your community does not offer any support. This begins with the garbage disposal and recycling. Those living in Oregon or Massachusetts, Germany or Sweden, are probably better off than those living in Texas or Louisiana, China or India. Some consumers are embracing the zero waste lifestyle, others are discouraged and confused by critical articles in the press:
Why does "recycling" mean "export of garbage" to some far away country? Why is the packaging industry so slow in implementing the latest research? Can we reduce pollution at all?

At Jimmo Designs we have a dose of our own concerns. In a perfect world, Jim's artwork would only be printed on organic shirts that would be dispatched in recyclable paper packaging. Our fulfilling centers are striving to make the products as environment friendly as possible, but so much more could be done to improve their business practices. Things will get better eventually but both, businesses and consumers, will have to help. Sustainability comes at a price.

Jimmo Designs original  

To celebrate the Earth Month Jimmo Designs is offering 20% discount on all items in the Nature Lovers Collection. Type 

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No matter what your personal contribution to cleaner environment is this month, please keep on doing the good thing and help educate others. Spread the word. We are all in it together.

Jim & Dominique 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Year Of The Pig - Celebrate Chinese New Year With Jimmo

Millions of people all over the world celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year. In the Chinese Zodiac this is the Year of the Pig, sometimes also called the Wild Boar. Jimmo Designs joins in and celebrates with a cute piggy cartoon. 

If you like pigs and piglets, or were born in the Year of the Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007), you will love Jimmo's smiling pig.

There is some cultural prejudice against pigs and many people do not know how smart pigs actually are. In China and in Germany they are symbols of good luck, abundance, and prosperity; in Italy they are used by truffle hunters to find the precious fungi; the Britons love their smart and incredibly cute potbellied pigs and keep them as pets; but unfortunately, many people consider pigs "unclean," dirty, or stupid. For the Buddhists pigs represent greed, ill will and delusion, but in the Chinese Zodiac Pigs have are considered to be joyful, diligent, sincere, and highly intelligent.

The Year of the Pig is a year of completion. Now it's the best time to finalize deals and bring closure to relationships, circumstances, plans, projects, or processes that were set in motion in the past and are awaiting realization. 

To help you celebrate the 2019 Year of the Pig Jimmo Designs is offering 19% discount on all articles in our store. Simply type 


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Wishing you a very prosperous Year of the Pig - Jim & Dominique

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